Heavy Haul, Oversized & Large Loads Shipping

Does your business transport heavy, large equipment or oversized/over-dimensional cargo within the USA, Canada, or cross-border?

If you answered yes, you need an efficient and professional heavy-haul or FTL (full truckload) trucking company and a carrier capable of moving your critical cargo safely and on time.

Heavy haul cargo could be anything from transformers and earth-moving equipment to mining screens and boilers, etc.

Movement of heavy-haul cargo requires specialist carriers who are familiar with, and can handle the peculiarities such as:

  • Individual weight permits per state/province
  • Road weight limitations and regulations
  • Movement of over-wide/over-high cargo on open roads
  • Safety measures
  • Route surveys
  • Escorts along the route

This is where our heavy-haul trucking services come in.

Why You Should Choose Our Heavy Haul Trucking Services

We understand that every heavy-haul shipment may be different and therefore our solutions are tailor-made for your requirements.

Using these solutions, you as a customer will be aware of the complete route, cost, and time frames of the project, which will enable you to make critical decisions required for your business.

Our Heavy Haul Choices

Depending on the type of cargo, weight, and dimensions you want to transport, you can choose from:

  • Flatbed truck (normal & stretch with multiple axles) for oversized/over-dimensional cargo
  • Step deck (normal & stretch with multiple axles) for oversized/over-dimensional cargo
  • Single/Double Drop deck (normal & stretch with multiple axles)
  • Specialized (Conestoga, with retractable curtains)

Tracking the progress of a heavy-haul shipment is especially important as in a lot of states, such cargo is only allowed to travel during selected times. Since heavy cargo is usually super-expensive, you need to know where your shipment is at all times.

Our dedicated logistics and FTL freight experts will help you plan your heavy haul move, provide you with real-time information, and help you track and manage your shipment all the way.

Happy shipping!

Get free all-inclusive FTL freight quotes at Freightera. Ask our 5-star Client Care team for help.

For heavy-haul service, submit an online inquiry or contact us at any time at [email protected], or at (800) 886-4870 Ext. 1.

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Free Freight Quotes

For Businesses

Examples of FTL Rates:

FTL rate
$1449 CAD
Montreal, QC to Toronto, ON
*Sample rates for 45,000 lb FTL freight, Door to door
FTL rate
$1772 USD
Chicago, IL to Toronto, ON
*Sample rates for 45,000 lb FTL freight, Door to door
FTL rate
$2018 USD
Dallas, TX to Atlanta, GA
*Sample rates for 45,000 lb FTL freight, Door to door
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