Freight carrier tailgate/liftgate restrictions

Why your shipment’s dimensions might be preventing you from getting the best available freight rate.

Tailgate/Liftgate restrictions are the physical limitations that any given tailgate or liftgate can accommodate. They represent the dimensional and weight restrictions imposed by carriers due to safety reasons.

When you’re trying to get a quote, you may get a message warning you that your shipment might be oversized or overweight. If this happens and you choose to disregard the message, you may also get unfavorable rates. You can find detailed steps on what to do if this happens below.

If you request a tailgate for a shipment that is overly large or heavy, our system will notify you that you’ve exceeded the carrier’s limitations.

If this happens, there are a few things you can do:

    • Consider shipping to or from a carrier’s terminal. This option allows you to bypass using a tailgate altogether (as long as you have the means to pick up from/drop off your shipment at a terminal)
      Carrier Terminal
    • Consider repackaging your shipment into a few smaller pallets. This way you can still use a tailgate, but the dimensions/weight will not make this service unsafe to use since each pallet can be lifted/lowered one at a time.
    • Consider renting a forklift. If you are not in a position to repackage a shipment for whatever reason, and you don’t have the means to reach a terminal, we recommend that you rent a forklift.

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