How to get freight shipping quotes online

A step-by-step guide on how to get accurate freight quotes online

  1. Log into your Freightera account
    Log in, or sign up if you don’t already have an account on Freightera.Signing up is free and easy. You’ll still be able to quote without an account, but you won’t be able to see the carrier information and the best price.

  2. Go to the homepage or the quoting page
    You can start your quoting process both from our homepage and the quoting page.

    Freightera homepage

    Quoting fields on the Freightera homepage

    Freightera quoting page
    Quoting fields on the Freightera quoting page

  3. Select the right type of truck
    Choose between LTL, FTL, Parcel, Flatbed, and Container.Quote types on the quoting page

  4. Enter the pickup location
    In the ‘Pickup Location’ field, enter either the city or the postal/zip code.

    A drop-down menu will appear. Select the right location from the list.Pick up location field being filled in

  5. Select the right location type
    Click ‘Choose…’ and select the right location type from the drop-down menu.

    Location types on the quoting pageChoosing the right location type is essential to getting an accurate quote.

    Here are brief explanations of all the location types:
    • Business with Dock or Forklift
      A business that has a dock or a forklift for loading/unloading freight. This location type does not require a tailgate/liftgate.
    • Business without Dock or Forklift
      A business location that needs a tailgate/liftgate, or a forklift. Tailgate/Liftgate option is automatically checked off on the special handling list when this location type is selected.
    • Residential Area or Home Business
      A location that needs a tailgate/liftgate, and is in a residential area. Tailgate/Liftgate option is automatically checked off on the special handling list when this location type is selected. Since residential locations almost never have docks or forklifts, selecting a Tailgate/Liftgate is essential. You may also want to select a Straight Truck under ‘Special Handling’ if your residential location is in a narrow street that cannot accommodate a 53′ truck.
    • Construction Site
      Usually a limited access location without a dock. Tailgate/Liftgate option shows up when this is selected. Please select a Tailgate/Liftgate if you don’t have a dock/forklift at the location.
    • Carrier Terminal
      You can choose to drop off your freight at the carrier terminal, and have it shipped from there. The shipment could also be shipped to the carrier terminal, for the consignee to pick it up there. This is a cost-effective option if your location is a business without a dock or a forklift or a limited access location such as a farm.

  6. Select all special handling services you need
    Review the ‘Special Handling’ options and select all that apply to your shipment:Special handling services on the quoting page
    Selecting all the special handling services you need is important for getting an accurate quote.

  7. Repeat for the delivery location
    Follow the same steps for the delivery location.

  8. Choose the pickup date
    Select your pickup date in the calendar. Please keep in mind that most quotes are valid for 7 days (depending on the carrier), due to fuel price fluctuation.
    Pick up date on the quoting page

  9. Enter the shipment information
    Fill in the quoting form with the description of goods, the number of items (choose between pallets, pieces, boxes, bundles, crates, and totes), dimensions (length x width x height in inches), and weight per item (in pounds).Shipment information on the quoting page For brief explanations of each of these options, hover your cursor above them.
    Hover over message on the quoting page

  10. For cross-border and USA shipments, select the correct freight class Freight class on the quoting page
    Here’s an article with a detailed explanation of what freight class is.

    Entering the wrong class will result in classification and additional charges from the carrier. If you don’t know the correct class, chat with us, or call at (800) 886-4870 Ext. 1.

  11. Select ‘hazmat’ and ‘non-stackable’ if these apply to your shipment Hazmat and non-stackable options on the quoting page
    Select ‘hazmat’ if you’re shipping hazardous goods that require special handling and carrier expertise (such as flammable essential oils, alcohol, lithium-ion batteries, fuel, etc.)

    Select ‘non-stackable’ if your cargo cannot be put onto other cargo, or have other cargo placed on top of it.

  12. Add another item with different information
    To add another item with different information, click ‘Add Another Item’.'Click to add another item'' optioon on the quoting page

  13. Select a ‘Protect from freeze’ option if you require a temperature control truck
    Click ‘Temperature Control’ and select it in the drop-down menu.Protect from freeze option on the quoting page

  14. You’re done. Get your quote!
    Click the ‘Get Quotes’ button to see your quotes.
    Get quotes button on the quoting page

  15. Requote quickly and easily
    Your quote will be saved in the system. Next time you quote, you’ll be able to find it under ‘My Quotes & Favorites’, and requote with a click of a button.
    My quotes and favorites on the quoting page

If you’re not able to get a quote:

  • Check if you have filled in all the required fields (marked with an asterisk)
  • Check if your zip/postal codes or cities are correct and valid
  • Check if all the shipment information is correctly entered

If all the information is correct, yet you’re still not able to get a quote:

  • The lane may not be in the system
  • The quote might need to be done manually

In these cases, contact us and we’ll do a manual quote for you.

You can chat with us, call our super-friendly Client Care team at (800) 886-4870 Ext. 1 or email us at [email protected].

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