Why did a quote not generate?

Why your quote didn’t generate & how to proceed

1) Some of the required fields may be empty

Check if you have filled in all the fields marked with an asterisk. If you missed something, the website will mark it as red and a notification may pop up:
Warning message example on Freightera quoting page

2) Zip/postal codes or cities may be invalid

In this case, please try writing them in again. You should get the following notification if this happens:
Form error example on Freightera quoting page

3) The lane may not be in the system

This rarely happens, but if it does happen to you please contact us with all of the quoting information, and we will quote you manually. You can chat with us. You can also call us at (800) 886-4870 Ext. 1 or at clientcare@freightera.com.

4) Your quote may have to be done manually

There are several instances in which the quote is not available on our website, and we have to quote you manually, such as when:

    • Your pick up and/or delivery location is a construction site, an airport, or a trade show;
    • You’re shipping to Amazon;
    • The length, width or height of your shipment are above the limit;
    • There are too many pallets (25+) for a single truck, or the load is too big for a single truck;
    • Your shipment needs temperature control;
    • Your shipment is hazmat.

In all of these cases we will receive a notification about your quote, and our quoting team will get back to you.

For more information see What falls under special handling? and What are limited access locations?

if you need help with quoting, you can chat with us. You can also contact us at (800) 886-4870 Ext. 1 or write to us at clientcare@freightera.com

Happy Shipping!