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How do I get a quote?
All you need to know about getting instant freight quotes online

Why did a quote not generate?
Why your quote didn’t generate & how to proceed

How do I book a shipment?
All you need to know about booking your freight online

What is a BOL and how do I use it?
Information on what the Bill of Lading is & how to use it in shipping

What is a tailgate/liftgate and how is it used?
Information on what Tailgate/Liftgate is & how it’s used

What falls under special handling?
Information on special handling services, such as inside pick up/delivery, straight truck, trade show, protect from freeze, limited access locations, appointment, tailgate/liftgate, etc.

What are limited access locations?
Information on what is considered a limited access location in freight shipping & how to quote if your shipping or delivery location falls under this category (eg. farms, airports, storage, schools...)

What is freight shipping class?
Information on NMFC and density based freight shipping class used in shipping within USA and in cross-border shipping

Address Book feature
Information on how the "Address Book" feature works on your Freightera account

How to re-quote with a click of a button using 'My Quotes & Favorites'
Your Freightera account saves your last 20 quotes, allowing you to requote with a click of a button. First click ‘My Quotes & Favorites’ on the quoting page, and then click the arrows to requote. You can favorite a quote by clicking the star.

How do I cancel a shipment?
Learn how to cancel a shipment online

How to use the online chat
How to contact Freightera using our online chat feature

Freight carrier tailgate/liftgate restrictions
Why your shipment’s dimensions might be preventing you from getting the best available freight rate.